My purpose of blocking this bot indefinitely is because of the disruptive actions its making in this wiki. Thank you --Trunzep (majadiliano) 07:29, 25 Aprili 2017 (UTC)[]

Hello. I am sorry that my bot flooded here. However, I still want to run one last job and then leave forever. Since mw:Extension:Cognate takes place for Wiktionaries on April 24 2017 (yesterday), I should remove interwiki links through main namespace. It will edit around 10,000 pages but I do not want bot flag here (because it is the last job). Do you have temporary group for it or could you exempt it to do this? --Octahedron80 (majadiliano) 10:23, 25 Aprili 2017 (UTC)[]

Ill consider your appeal and if your bot wants to flag here I might consider It. Just contact me on my inbox. Regards --Trunzep (majadiliano) 14:02, 25 Aprili 2017 (UTC)[]